This website is intended to introduce people to the variety of Christian Sectarian Pacifist groups.  I started this journey myself as a Pentecostal, a group founded at the beginning of the 20th Century as a prophetic or Spirit renewalist Christian group in the Methodist tradition.  My tribe was quite separatist and focused on renewal of early Christian evidences of God’s presence in spirit, being quite attentive to the words of Jesus.  I am now trying to give credibility to the varieties of Christian pacifism as a context for my special interest in Pentecostal and Holiness group pacifism.

Throughout this site, I feature the beliefs of christian sectarian groups about the necessity of being peacemakers, living peacefully and justly, and refusing to kill.  Unfortunately, today, especially in America, it is too common to find christian groups promoting intolerance, greed, domination, and hubris.  I want to present evidence that many of the groups that today seem to associate with wealth, power, and domination used to be peace-loving and even refused to participate in the act of killing in war, even for a “good cause.”

Not only do I present evidence of belief in peacemaking or pacifism to warfare, I also present evidence that I have found of thousands of individuals in these various communities who refused to kill, or were conscientious objectors to warfare.