Metropolitan Church Association

Metropolitan Church Association orĀ  Burning Bush

The Metropolitan Church Association (MCA), sometimes called, “The Burning Bush,” was a radical Holiness group centerd in Waukesha, WS. They emphasized enthusiastic worship, evangelism, holy living, and communal values.

The following news account did not name the MCA, but looking up a draft card of one of the young men in the article shows he was a member of the MCA.Warren

Evening Mirror (Warren, PA) June 5, 1917

Two Objectors Arrested

CALUMET, Mich., June 5, Two men were arrested today at Keweenaw for distributing anticonscription literature. They gave their names as H. Annimen and R.J. Ninpila.

Henry Anaman’s WWI draft registration card was found, and it listed Metropolitan Church Association membership as a reason for exemption from the military draft.

Henry Anaman, MCA WWI Draft Registration Card

Professor William Kostlevy at Tabor College (Hillsboro, KS) notes that Henry Anaman, was from Ghana, and after Bible School with the MCA, returned as a missionary to Ghana, not as MCA, but as a Pentecostal.

More WWI Draft Card Evidence

Clinton Bowen Fisk; MCA WWI Draft Registration Card

Leroy Kerns, MCA WWI Draft Registration Card